How to promote my business on social media for free

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In today’s world social media for your business goes hand and hand and you should not skip over this step. If your not on social media you basically don’t have a business in your future clients eyes.

It can be a bit intimidating but here are a few tips to help you out if your new to the social media world!

Social media tips for business owners

Choose the platform you want to master!

If your new to social media start off slow. You don’t need to be on all the platforms and give half ass effort because your still learning how to use it. Learn the platform and give 100% behind everything you do and once you have it mastered move on to the next plat while consistently showing up on the first (automation is key)

Put it in your Calendar or Daily to do list!

If you dont plan for it, it wont happen! Trust me i’ve been there and done that. “Im going to post everyday” If i dont put it in my daily to-do list or automate it, it wont happen. Your future clients need to know that your going to show up when you say you will. I like to under promise and over deliver. Say you will post 2 times a week and show up 3. This way you dont commit to everything to soon. See what works best for YOU! Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and worry about you.

Network and Engage on the Platform

You just dont make a post and log off. Its called social media for a reason…you need to be social. Find people who work in the same industry as you and network. Comment, engage on their post, reach out to collab but you need to start telling people who you are and what you do or know one will know you are a business. If you’re thinking “ i could never do that because i dont want to sound like a salesman” Then dont sound like a salesman sound like a human.

Connect with people and say hello just be friendly tell them your just saying hello.

Give value

This is how you stand out. Give someone a reason to come to your page over the next person that does the same thing you do. Think about it…People complain how the market is saturated but really they are just blending in. If you were you’re client how can you provide them with the education that makes you standout as the expert you are over your competition?

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2 reasons why your not booking new clients!

How to get more clients to book you and what your doing wrong

“I cant get new client”

“my prices are too high”

“They say im too expensive”

Are these things that you’ve heard before and even say yourself. Rule number one what you say become your truth.

Think about it from this perspective why would anyone want to book you? What do you have to offer? How are you different from the rest? If you wrote down the answers to these questions you might have said ..because i went to school for it. I paid to learn how to do the service correctly so people can book me or because your the best in your area.

Now no matter what the answer is you want to make sure you are creating some kind of hype of why someone needs to book you over someone else. Because there are millions of people out there right now doing the same thing you are doing. They might charge more than you and they might charger a hella cheap price then you but who cares!

They are not you!

It’s not about what you do it’s about how you do it! I know we have all heard this saying before over and over again and it’s true. You don’t have to be the best at what you do to have a big clientele you just have to create an experience that the absolutely love!

Client Experience is everything

What experience can you create for your client that they will keep coming back to you over and over again for? Im not just talking about giving them free booze…but hey that’s an idea too lol but that’s a different day on a different topic.

Do you have them change into robe for the service? what kind of music are you playing? Did you bring the a complimentary water or give them a complimentary hand massage? Everything that i just named barely cost any money at all. It’s all about they TIME that they spend with you for their service.

Your energy

Your energy is everything girl! are you having a bad day and its showing on your face. It’s okay for us to have bad days sometimes because we are human but what we must do is learn how to leave those feelings at the door before you start to work. Don’t tell you client “Im just having the worse day and nothing is going good for me today” that will automatically turn the client off because they came in for relaxation and a pick me up. Now they have to pick you up and a session that was supposed to be happy for them just turn into a bummer…not fun for the client right?

Now we all have clients that we feel are so close to use that we can tell them anything You can let them know “my morning didn’t started as plan but that’s no biggie” How much better do those words sound other than ranting? We must choose our words wisely.

Your vibe attracts your tribe so lets keep up with the positive mindset okay?

There are countless ways to get that you can get new clients that want to pay your premium prices and they are waiting for you to show up girl!

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How taking a different approach can drastically change the numbers in your bank account

Hey Beauties I am so excited for today’s blog post not only because its filled with value for anyone wanting to step out on faith and start that business they’ve never started. But because i am doing a blog interview with a sweet friend of mine Sarah Rose.

Now if your just following along with us on the blog you may have missed the facebook live interview we do this past week! We are to women who are on a mission to become the best version of our selves and believe that there is no such thing as a road road as we had a few technical issues while live.

sarah rose speaker.jpg

Sarah coaches women around the world to earn what they’re worth by building a global empire working online. She is a firm believer that we rise by lifting others. And as a result of helping others achieve their goals, in the last four years she’s earned a Mercedes; and has taken her seven year old daughter Sophie on company paid trips to Dubai, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Rome, Stockholm, and they are headed to Japan and Thailand this fall, followed by Australia in the spring. She is a speaker every month on her company’s North America webinars; and has trained teams around the world.

She is the author of an ebook called 7 Core Principals for Getting To The Top in Your Network Marketing Business which you can download for free on her blog

I’ve asked this beauty 5 questions about how starting her business has changed her everyday life for the good and a bit of motivation and inspiring you to do the same.

Jasmine: What's the number one thing you enjoy the most about being your own boss?

sarah coach.jpg

Sarah: “ Having the time freedom to take my daughter to school every morning and pick her up afternoon, being there for all the little moments with her. And to take her traveling the world was always my dream. In the last four years we’ve been to Disney World, Universal Studios, Dubai, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Rome, England, Stockholm, and we are headed to Thailand this fall and Australia in the spring.

If I didn’t have time freedom working for myself, these adventures would not have been possible.”

Jasmine: What was one of the most helpful habits that you've mastered that's drastically changed the success in your business?

Sarah: “Consistency is key. As business women we have to show up every day whether we feel like it or not. We have to take action towards our dreams, divorcing ourselves from the outcome or result. If we show up consistently, the results will come. Big time.

The only way to fail is by quitting or not following through on your commitments. Boss up baby! Get the work done, even if it’s not always glamorous or easy. It is simple though when you have a workable strategy that duplicates within your team.

Jasmine: What's your thoughts on sharing knowledge and value to others who are trying to grow their business? And how has sharing helped you grow your business?

Sarah: “Giving value builds credibility, and the more people come to know you, they like you and trust you and they want to do business with you. The more value we give, the more we grow and the faster we grow. That’s attraction marketing 101. Give more than you think you can afford to give and life will reward you in ways you never dreamed possible.”

Jasmine: What advice would you give someone looking to start their own business?

Sarah: “Just do it. Don’t hold back, dive in headfirst. Sink or swim. A great thing about being an entrepreneur is being able to earn while you learn. Get yourself a personal growth and development system that keeps you learning and growing as fast as you can.

But don’t get so bogged down in the learning that you aren’t doing. For every half hour or hour of reading or watching a podcast, spend a half hour or hour executing what you’ve just learned. Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. Just get out there and do what needs to get done even if it terrifies you to get started. One step in front of the other is better than standing still.”

Jasmine: Are there any common misconceptions about the field that you work in and does that effect the way you approach potential clients?

Sarah: “Yes, a common misconception is that network marketing is a pyramid scheme, which always makes me laugh when I hear that. A pyramid scheme is when no product or service is being sold and it’s highly illegal. Anyone who knows me knows I would never do anything illegal. And anyway, isn’t everything in the world a pyramid structure, look at government or religion or the education system, corporate America. The person at the top makes the most money being pushed up by the employees at the bottom. In network marketing yes, we make the bulk of our income on the efforts of others, but there’s so much room at the top for everyone.”


As women i believe that we should all be in control of the sources that bring in money for our self an of course our family’s. The average millionaire has 7 sources of income. I am always looking for ways to diversify how i bring in additional cash to support an up coming vacation, bills, an un -wanted try to the doctors or unexpected vet bill. Im so excited to have teamed up with her on one of my many sides hustles that will help me plan for the future and a few fun trips as well.

Both Sarah and I love helping other with coach, strategy and planning out game plans and are here for you if you’ve decided to start up a fun side hustle and would like guidance through the process. If you would like transform yourself and family’s health and wellness while bringing in a few extra dollars feel free to explore the link below.

How to create a productive work space at home

Tune into your senses when it comes to creating the perfect work space to boost your productivity. When making my space at home more productive for my small business i kept a few things in mind.

Now i think of a work space a bit differently but then just a desk that holds my stacks of paper and clutter. But i think of a work space that keeps all of my senses in-tuned. This maybe because i’m a cosmetologist and i’m use to spas, salons and zen like spaces so of course i needed those important factor in my home as well.

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