It’s time to level up and stop playing small!


Jasmine Jones

Business Systems & Strategy Mentor

Published Hair & Makeup Artist/ Bridal Team Owner/ Podcast Host/ Business Coach

Bridal Beauty and Wedding Vendor Education

Hey girl Hey!

I’m Jasmine 25 year old girl boss. I began my business journey early at the age 19. I’ve learned a ton through personal experiences, business coaches and the many webinars and seminars i have attended for entrepreneurs. I first started my bridal beauty business as a solo artist as a side gig and its now grown into a full blown bridal team of 14 servicing 2 states and growing.

One thing i had to find out the hard way as a business owner was that being successful was 20% strategy and structure and 80% mindset. As a middle child of 3 on my mothers side my mindset was clouded with scarcity, fear, doubt and every reason in the book about why it wouldn’t work out for me. Im on a mission the break as many generational curses as i can and im here to help you do the same!

Let me be you business bestie that will call you out on your bullshit and put a fire under your ass to stop settling for the bare minimum.


What is Beauty and the Network?

You may be thinking…well what exactly is beauty and the network? As a licensed beauty professional working in the special event and wedding field i’m constantly getting calls, text and emails from other Beauty pros and wedding industry pros and creatives wanting me to spill the beans on how i did it. Once i finally decide to go full time in my business things took of within 6 months. I had clients wanting to book me left and right and i was turning away business an i was all because i got clear and became intentional with my strategy and business. It started to work for me while i slept and my life has not been the same since.

I went from struggling to having a ridiculous amount of free time to enjoy life. I took vacations when i wanted and scaled my business so i can increase my monthly profit the smart way without all of the additional hours. I put my social media to work and gain many clients from it without a huge following too! And you can do the same.