It’s time to level up and stop playing small!


Hey Girl Hey!

I’m Jasmine 25 year old girl boss. I began my business journey at age 19 an i’ve learned a crap ton from then till now. When I first got my business license for my bridal hair and makeup company I didn’t believe that I would be able to carry my own weight so I got few security blanks by Appling and working at multiple jobs and basically running myself dry.

Once I started on my mindset journey I found out that business was 20% strategy and structure and 80% mindset. I use to be a full time freelancing stylist and made over 40 thousands dollars and now ive been full time in my bridal business for a bit over 1 year now and the numbers i’m excepting to hit by 2020 is ridiculous.

Im here to be your business bestie that will call you out on your crap and put a fire under your ass to stop settling for the bare minimum. When are you going to stop playing small girl?

What is Beauty and the Network?

You may be thinking…well what exactly is beauty and the network and the best way to describe it is a community of accountably. As a licensed beauty professional i’m constantly getting calls, text and emails from others working in the field wondering how they can become a full time independent artist. I’m spilling the beans and giving you the guidance that I wish I had when I first started at age 19. From figuring out how to get more clients that know your worth. having the confidence to raise your prices and to 100% step into your inner badass that’s ready to go big or go home.

This is an online safe place for you to level up your mental well being to increase your profits, personal growth and most importantly do the things your to scared to do like fire terrible clients and choose who you want to work with, how often and what you want your hours to look like. Im talking about a life of freedom. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Sometime we may need an extra push and im here to give you un-sugar coated love to help you get there!